Mile High Meals

Confession: This month, Taylor and I visited Boulder, Colorado for the weekend to see one of our favorite musicians; Josh Ritter. Now, before you label us as groupies, you should know this concert was special! Josh and his Royal City band was playing with the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra. The first time he’s played with an orchestra on the west coast! Ok, fine… We’re groupies πŸ™‚ 

  The concert was an incredible experience, and time away with my adventure pal always warms my heart. 
Even though we weren’t looking too closely, I must say there weren’t many AlliFriendly options, but we found our way around. 
Here are some of my favorites from the weekend: 

Snooze AM Eatery

I love a good brunch! Even though I usually order, a scramble minus the eggs… Extra side of bacon. Snooze Eatery was a great spot! But go early (the Saturday morning wait was nearly an hour.)  

Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Great coffee (and cold brew bottled to-go!), and great environment in a shared space with Cured, for browsing through delicatessens delights. 

Denver Biscuit Co

Ok, there slogan is “All you can Wheat”, specializing in Biscuits, Pizza and Beer… Exactly the opposite of AlliFriendly needs, but the atmosphere was very accommodating. Just goes to show you can make a meal nearly anywhere. (And Honey, I accept that you’re a gluten eater πŸ˜‰

 Had a lovely time in the mile high city. Tell next time, Colorado. 

 – alli

Mile High Meals

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